April 28, 2017

Community Letter: Thank You!


Hi everyone,

We wanted to pause for a moment in between all the design discussions and bug-fixing since launch to say a heartfelt Thank You.

We’ve been reading every word, both the praise and feedback, watching livestreams, and anonymously playing in game lobbies to get your honest take on Deformers and we are very grateful for the thoughts and ideas that you’ve provided. Every bit is helping to forge the path ahead with the launch of our first live product, and we’ve been very humbled by your support.

To everyone who has played Deformers, mentioned it on social media, commented on our YouTube videos, discussed it on your podcasts, or covered it in your reviews, we truly appreciate the time you have taken to join in this journey with us.

Know that we are hard at work on addressing many adjustments to the game experience on a regular basis, including a server-side update to resolve the connectivity challenges some players have reported. We are also extending the time to claim the Founders Pack Forms.

Thank you again; we’ll be sharing more about the updates – and a few other surprises – very soon!

The Deformers Team

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