April 27, 2017

Announcing: Prestige Seasons!


Howdy everyone!

My name is Eric, and you’ll most likely see me in game and on the official Deformers forums as “Tyrana”. I’m one of the Designers on Deformers, and I’d like to give you a breakdown on the Prestige system, along with a preview of what’s to come!

What is Prestige?

Prestige is our version of a skill-based competitive system that is based on your individual performance across all game modes. When you start the game, you’ll notice a sweet little icon next to your username. This is your Prestige Rank. The icon will grow with you, moving through Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond Ranks as you conquer the battlefield. The higher your rank, the more people will fear you and your arsenal of Forms! Oh, and the exclusive Prestige awards don’t hurt either.


How do I rank up?

Once you finish a game and collect all your fat loot from the Leveling ceremony, you’ll be moved to the Prestige Screen. From here, you’ll be given awards based on your performance. Each game mode has 6 categories that you can be graded on with a 1 Star, 2 Star, or 3 Star award. The more stars you earn, the more points go towards your Prestige Rank! You can also earn bonus awards based on your placement in Deathmatch, or by earning yourself an MVP award in Team modes. You’ll never lose Prestige when you lose a game, but the better you perform, the faster you’ll rank up!


Well, what’s the point of all this?

I’m glad you asked! We want our players to shoot for that Diamond rank and really get into gear when it comes to competitive play. So we’re going to run through Prestige Seasons.

Prestige Seasons let you compete to be the best of the best, and earn unique rewards along the way. Each player starting out at the beginning of a Prestige Season, all players will start at the Bronze rank and they’ll have immediate access to the special Bronze reward for that season. Each time you hit a major milestone (Silver, Gold, or Diamond), you can unlock a new style for FREE in the Workshop. Prestige Season rewards will be labeled with a golden lock, with each reward themed to the appropriate rank. Our first wave of rewards will be the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond Shields. Make sure you unlock these during the Season because If you don’t unlock them during the current Season, you’ll miss out on them forever!

To unlock the Shields, visit the Workshop and check out the Back Style category. Select the Bronze Shield to unlock it and add it to your list of Styles.


Wait, so how do Prestige Seasons work?

Our first Prestige Season will begin with our launch on Thursday 4/20 at 9PM PST and will run through late June 2017. At the end of a Prestige Season, all players will have their ranks reset to Bronze as the next season comes online. Our first Prestige Season will last 2 months, with future seasons lasting around 3, with new rewards available each time!

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I can’t wait to see everyone rising through the ranks in Prestige Season 1!

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