Conquer and consume! The rules are simple, roll, dash, throw, shoot and defend. Go!

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Prepare for an epic battle! Deformers is a physics-based arena brawler where the goal is to out-battle, out-eat, and out-score your opponent. Smash up your friends in splitscreen co-op, or team up and fight against others online!


  • No Guts, No Glory!
    Compete in a variety of game modes and dominate the competition!
  • Friend or Foe?
    Team up to take down your enemies with online couch co-op or battle your buds in a free-for-all death match!
  • Aliens and Animals and Blobs, Oh My!
    Choose from dozens of Forms that range from cute to crazy.
  • Fabulous Forms!
    Customize your Form with new styles, tags, and emotes!
  • Roll Around the World!
    Battle across arid deserts, decrepit ruins, and even under the big top!
  • A FORMidable Arsenal!
    Ram, throw, and shoot your way to victory!
  • This Isn’t Even My Final Form!
    Power-ups help Forms get that extra edge – not approved by the FDA.

PS4   Xbox One   Steam

Latest News

Apr 2017

Community Letter: Thank You!
April 28, 2017
Hi everyone, We wanted to pause for a moment in between all the design discussions and bug-fixing since launch to say a heartfelt Thank...

Apr 2017

Announcing: Prestige Seasons!
April 27, 2017
Howdy everyone! My name is Eric, and you’ll most likely see me in game and on the official Deformers forums as “Tyrana”. I’m one...

Apr 2017

Deformers Content at Launch and Beyond!
April 14, 2017
Hi everyone, As we prepare for our final Steam Open Beta event in anticipation of our launch on April 21st, we’re excited to give you...

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